School Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 8.30am - 3.00pm
Tuesday, Thursday - 8.30am - 2.00pm
School Secretary - Raewyn Willocks


We have a selection of stationery available for purchase from the school office.
At the end of each year your child will be given a stationery list for the following year. ALL of your child's stationery must be purchased from the school office to ensure that all children have the same stationery.
The office will open for the purchase of stationery before the school year begins. The date the office opens will be posted on Facebook for parents information.
Our prices are very competitive and we also have the option of time payment if necessary.


It is important that ALL notices are returned to school by the date requested.

Contact Details:

If there is an emergency, or we need to get hold of you, it is very important that the school has the most up to date contact details for parents/caregivers and emergency contacts.
A notice will be sent home at the beginning of Term 1 and Term 3 advising you of what details the school has on file for you.
It is very important that this notice is returned to school by the due date confirming that your details are correct. If your details have changed then you can update them as required.
If during the school year your details or circumstances change it is very important that you notify the school immediately so we can update our records.

Email Addresses:

As email is a very important way for the school to contact parents or caregivers we need to have your most up to date email address.
If this changes at any time please advice the school office.

Below please find the Blanket Permission Form.

BEFORE your child is able to go on a school trip this form needs to be returned to the school office.
This form also covers permission for your child's photo to be used in newsletters or on the school WIKI.

Activity Fee and Voluntary Donation

The Activity Fee is a compulsory payment for trips, shows, bus transport and anything else that is an "extra". The activity fee is charged at the beginning of each term when required. If the amount is not fully used during a term it is held over and put towards the next term's activity fee.
The activity fee needs to be paid before your child goes on a trip or attends a show. If you have difficulty paying the amount in full please do not hesitate to see me at the office so we can arrange a payment option that suits you. We do have a fund which we can use in cases of hardship. We do not want any child to miss out on these extra opportunities.
The Donation is a voluntary payment. We have a suggested amount but we are happy to accept anything that parents can afford. Any donation is greatly appreciated by the children, staff and Board of Trustees.