Parent Information and Resources...
  • Internet safety at home is a major concern for parents
  • Keeping children safe online should be a top priority when allowing access to the internet
  • Educate your children about the dangers and why we have specific rules is more effective than just try and block everything

Learning Lab
Try these Learning Lab activities covering topics such as Online Safety, Cyber-Bullying, Fact or Opinion, Peer Pressure, and Self Control...

Net Basics Episodes
Watch these NetBasics episodes to see how the Jones Family fare against the nastiest stuff that the internet has to offer.
Hector's World of Learning and Cyber Safety
Here, Hector and his friends learn about ICT (information and communication technology) and how to become confident and responsible digital citizens.


Exploring Cyber Safety With the Cyberpigs
The Adventure of the Three CyberPigs teach children how to surf safely on the Net, and particularly how to spot and navigate around Internet marketing ploys and exploring the world of online chatrooms.


Cyber Safety at Home Handout
An eTime handout for parents to help ensure cyber safety at home.
  • Why the internet is indispensable in education?
  • Why internet safety is important?
  • What your schools are doing to keep your children safe.
  • What are the risks at home?
  • What can you do at home to keep your children safe?
external image pdf.png Cybersafe@home_handout.pdf

Recommendations and guides for parents
A selection of useful documents for parents.
external image pdf.png Recommendations+for+Internet+Safety+at+Home+.pdf
external image pdf.png Of+Digital+Birds+&+Cyber+Bees.+Nathan+Gaunt.pdf
external image pdf.png NetSafe+First+Steps+to+Cybersafety.pdf
external image pdf.png Cyber+Savvy+Teens+Parent+Guide.pdf
external image pdf.png Cyber+Safe+Kids+Parent+Guide.pdf

NetSafe for parents and caregivers
NetSafe’s Contact Centre frequently receives calls from concerned parents and caregivers who are wondering how best to help their child online. This site provides parents with tips and resources to help address these concerns.

"In My Day" is a Parents' Guide to Cybersafety:

Templates for family internet safety contracts
There are lots of "rules" on how kids (and parents) can use the Internet... but the most important rule is that kids and parents agree to a set of criteria. also explores

  • Child Safe Search
  • Child Safety on the Information Highway
  • Facebook privacy tools
  • Family Contract for Online Safety
  • Online Safety Quiz
  • Safe Kids Song

An American site on internet Safety, some great tips for kids, teens and adults. provides tools for families on

  • Teen Safety on the Info Highway
  • Guidelines for Parents of Teens
  • Social Networking Tips for Teens
  • Tips to Stop Cyberbullying
  • Cell Phone Safety Tips
  • Teen Sexting Tips

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Ouruhia's Facebook Page and Text Alerts for Ouruhia School Parents.

Ouruhia's Facebook page is linked to Twitter so we can make use of the free text alert service.

We use Twitter as a cost effective way of us getting messages out to over 90 parents at a time.

You don’t need to become a Twitter addict to get access to this service. After signing up you never need to look at Twitter again.

Tweets are short messages which we send as:

-Daily event reminders.

-Celebrations of neat things happening at school.

-Urgent updates/postponements/cancellations.

-Info on late running buses/class trips/sudden changes of plan.

What do I do?

*On a computer signup at
*You may be able to bypass this step and go straight to Step 1 below

Once set up on the computer, grab your mobile phone
1. Text follow oursch to 8987
2. Wait for a reply

(Some people have found that the next 6 steps are not necessary. Try skipping them out)
3. Reply with the Twitter username you just created
4. Wait for a reply
5. Reply with the password you just created
6. Wait for a reply
7. Reply with OK
8. Text follow oursch to 8987
You are now in business. You don’t need to visit Twitter Website again.

To stop texts
Send OFF @oursch to 8987
You might like to get all texts all of the time, or only activate this service when your child is out on a school trip. It is up to you.

Text service on or off you can still see all Tweets...
-On the front page of this wiki... here
-On the school FaceBook page